Tranny Thrones

You have no idea.  You have absolutely no idea just how bad this transgender bathroom thing is.  I know I didn’t.  I wondered, why the fuck do so many people care about a handful of people pissing in a different bathroom?  WTF?  It made no sense.

Until it did.  Just tonight.

It is not just about the transgenders (obviously).  And it’s not just another march on old school values.  It is much darker.

Imagine our very near future.  Men and women are free to “self identify” their gender. Seriously, imagine this.  What happens to title 9 chick teams?  All “self identified” men.  What about companies?  All men in management, some real men, some self identified as females.  Well that shit ain’t gonna stand, we all know that for certain.  So they crank down the requirements to “self identify”.  I am not sure what it will be, but you can bet your sorry ass that it will require bowing down to the powers that be to deserve this extra-legal status.   Sell your soul to the devil and you will earn your reward. Men required to act like women, women to act like men.


Date night with my husband. Somebody slit my wrists.

Watching an episode of House of Cards, season 2.  Great series.  One chick is meeting with another, she gets up and says “Date night with my husband.  Somebody slit my wrists.”

I shit you not.

I have previously watched this episode, and had missed this comment.  It’s easy to miss, almost background noise.  The viewer does not see any part of any listener or speaker, just a table and chairs.  Curious that.

“Date night with my husband.  Somebody slit my wrists.”

Imagine the sexes reversed.  Suppose some TV drama offered up a husband saying this.  I’m not saying there’d be hue and cry.  But how do you feel, dear reader?  A husband says:

“Date night with my wife.  Somebody slit my wrists.”

Check your gut.  Some guy says that.  Ooooh.  He is a bad guy.  He is not giving his wife a chance.  But when the female says:

“Date night with my husband.  Somebody slit my wrists.”

Check your gut.  “He doesn’t treat her right.”  “She deserves better.”

Thing is, you hate your SO so much that even a fun date is a horrible thing?  So horrible that you joke about killing yourself?  And it is accepted as normal?  I mean the quote was literally:

“Date night with my husband.  Somebody slit my wrists.”

WTF?  We’re not talking about the usual boredom, but people reaching beyond and it is still so bad that the chick thinks about committing suicide?  How bad must regular life be?  Holy moly!  And nobody thinks anything of it.  WTF!

Maybe I know a secret.  I do know how to be happy.  Perhaps I can explain to others.  We shall see.



New Place

Do betas/omegas make you cringe?  They do me. Was at a new place tonight Hurricane Grill in West Knoxville.  Dead, BTW and I mean always from what the working folks said.  After a bit some 55 YO couple staggers in at about 5:30.  Both blondes, he’s sporting a stache, has all his hair and is wearing glasses.  Not sunglasses, regulars.

I realize for the millionth time that blonde guys generally look weak.  Not picking on y’all, but you’ll have to go that extra mile, IMO.

Gomer sits down with his dowdy wife.  And OMFG.  He’s such a pasty boy.  Doesn’t know what he wants to drink (but his wife does).  Makes a lot of confused expressions (his wife makes none).  Asks lots of questions from the bartender before ordering a beer.  And his body language – all beta.  All “I’m scared and don’t know what to do and please don’t hurt me.”  Well, maybe that was an exaggeration, maybe more like “Hi!  I’ll give you money if you just leave me alone.”  Or something.  Definitely beta, weak, does not know what he wants or what he can get.

I think about how alpha I am compared to him.  And I wish I could somehow impart some confidence into him because I am sure it will make both him and his wife happier.  But I realize there is no way to do this, anything I promote will be hard to understand and difficult to implement.  Not to mention pointing out a problem where they did not know one existed.  I see a problem in the world, and I see a solution.  But I do not see a way from one to the other.

And I think of the life he must lead.  His wife wasn’t Shoot Me Please fat and ugly.  Nor was she hot and thin.  They were a better than average looking couple.  But you could see they were just going through the motions.  Doing what they thought needed doing.  Neither all that happy, nobody actually living life.  They put one foot in front of the other and walked down their path. They lived their unexamined life.  Is it so terrible?  I dunno.  But I do not believe they are as happy as I usually am.