Tranny Thrones

You have no idea.  You have absolutely no idea just how bad this transgender bathroom thing is.  I know I didn’t.  I wondered, why the fuck do so many people care about a handful of people pissing in a different bathroom?  WTF?  It made no sense.

Until it did.  Just tonight.

It is not just about the transgenders (obviously).  And it’s not just another march on old school values.  It is much darker.

Imagine our very near future.  Men and women are free to “self identify” their gender. Seriously, imagine this.  What happens to title 9 chick teams?  All “self identified” men.  What about companies?  All men in management, some real men, some self identified as females.  Well that shit ain’t gonna stand, we all know that for certain.  So they crank down the requirements to “self identify”.  I am not sure what it will be, but you can bet your sorry ass that it will require bowing down to the powers that be to deserve this extra-legal status.   Sell your soul to the devil and you will earn your reward. Men required to act like women, women to act like men.


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